Welcome to the Star Wars Squadrons model repository

This repository contains models created for the Star Wars Squadrons computer game. These are low polygon models and not without errors, there might be some missing UV's or bad faces for example. If given time, they could be polished up to a higher standard.

Download File Formats

Each model can be downloaded in fbx format (including textures, normal maps, emissive maps etc) inside a zip archive and as a unity package containing all necessary prefabs, materials and shaders.


All models are released under the Creative Commons Attribution License, in short you may freely use these models, even for commercial purposes as long as you credit the original author: Christian Flodihn.

Model List

Z-95 Head Hunter
Z-95.zip Z-95.unitypackage

Y-Wing.zip Y-Wing.unitypackage

Lambda Shuttle
LambdaShuttle.zip LambdaShuttle.unitypackage

TIE Fighter (TIE/LN) Polygons: 637
TIE_LN.zip (0.4 MB) TIE_LN.unitypackage (1 MB)

TIE Interceptor (TIE/IN) Polygons: 614
TIE_IN.zip (1.2 MB) TIE_IN.unitypackage (0.9 MB)

TIE Bomber (TIE/sa) Polygons: 1131
TIE_sa.zip (3.4 MB) TIE_sa.unitypackage (2 MB)

Nebulon-B Frigate Polygons: 4177
Nebulon-B.zip (6.4 MB) Nebulon-B.unitypackage (7.7 MB)

Victory Star Destroyer - Class I Polygons: 12315
VSDI.zip (3.8 MB) VSDI.unitypackage (4.1 MB)