Welcome to Star Wars Squadrons

Star Wars Squadrons is an Indie Combat Simulator. Side with the Empire/Rebels/Pirates in the spiritual successor to TIE Fighter. The game is currently in early development, here are some development screen shots:

The game is a PC only game and will require a joystick. VR glasses are optional but fully supported.
To get in touch with the developer, you may use the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Star-Wars-Squadrons-432094530223026/

Game Features

- Single player rebel/imperial/pirate campaign
- Gain Experience/Ranks
- Modify Ship Components
- Fly various of rebel/imperial/pirate Starfighters
- Fly various of rebel/imperial/pirate capital ships
- Explorable concourse/base in between missions
- Meet story characters/officers and copilots througout your campaign

Future Features

- Skirmish combat missions.
- Become a captain on your own capital ship in singleplayer and manage the strategy and economy of your fleet.
- Multiplayer skirmish combat mission, find games online.
- Persistant online universe, crete or join a squadron, help other squadrons within your faction to conquer star systems in the galaxy.